CTL middle schoolers entertain audiences with one-act play

Mon, 04/22/2024 - 12:15pm

On April 10, middle school students at Edgecomb’s Center for Teaching and Learning transformed themselves into ancient Greek gods and goddesses for two performances of Tristan Jackson-Pate's one-act play, “Myth.” Spectators laughed, gasped, and danced as CTL's student thespians delivered engaging dramatic performances and sang Myth's catchy songs.

Myth anthologizes several popular ancient Greek myths: Persephone's trip to the Underworld, Prometheus's attempt to steal fire, and Pandora's fated box. Throughout the play, muses narrate the unpredictable and, at times, hilarious actions of Titans, Olympians, and mortals. 

The performances, directed by Angela Lathem-Ballard, are part of CTL’s year-long school-wide study of history. The school’s drama program for grades 5-8 reflects CTL’s commitment to help students learn to raise their voices, build confidence, and assume a role in public discourse.

"The success of Wednesday's show was a direct result of our students' mutual encouragement, their trust, and the vulnerability and joy they brought to working as an ensemble," Lathem-Ballard explained. "It has been my absolute pleasure to produce this work with CTL's talented and willing actors." 

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