Damariscotta selectmen

Damariscotta welcomes new police officer

Hears request for fire training site
Posted:  Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 1:30pm

Damariscotta Police Chief Jason Warlick introduced his new officer, David Bellows, at the Sept. 19 select board meeting. The police department also received permission to purchase a 2017 Ford Explorer using capital reserves, and an equipment package from Coastal Electronics. The total cost was $28,096. The vehicle being replaced, a pickup truck, will be sold by sealed bid. Warlick said the sale value would likely be greater than the trade-in value.

Selectmen considered a proposal for a Lincoln County Fire Training Facility in Damariscotta, adjacent to the fire station. Newcastle Fire Chief Clayton Huntley, who heads the Lincoln County Fire Chiefs Association, has been looking for a site centrally located in the county for a number of years since the group has outgrown its location in Wiscasset. A  grant and the group’s savings have made it possible to construct the burn building, where firefighters would train to put out fires, and the flash-over trailer could be moved to the new site. Huntley is looking for a long-term lease for a nominal sum to construct the building and connect the water source. The selectmen were receptive to the idea and said they would need a little more information from the association about the town’s liability and the cost to reinforce the road to the site.

Nicholas Chasse, who hired an attorney in his discussion with the Planning Board, has submitted an invoice for his attorney’s fees. The selectmen sent the information to the insurance carrier for review.

Lincoln Academy will design and construct a town flag for Damariscotta. The flag will carry the town’s seal design of fish and will fly at Lincoln Academy. The school will also provide one for the town.

The recreational marijuana survey will end Oct. 6. Residents and non-residents can take it the town’s website or on a paper copy at town hall.

The town decided to change its schedule back to Wednesday, mostly because members and staff members had difficulty with the earlier day. The new date for selectmen meetings will be Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., beginning on Nov. 1.

Certain streets will be closed during Pumpkinfest, over the Oct. 7-9 weekend. Main Street will be closed except for the disabled parking spot in front of the post office on Saturday morning. Water Street will also be closed allowing for pedestrian traffic. Businesses can have tables and booths in the parking spaces during Pumpkinfest.