Edgecomb Fire Department January report

Posted:  Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 8:15am

 The Edgecomb Fire Department responded to 21 calls between Jan. 1 and Jan. 30. Local Emergency Management Agency Director Bill Witzell reports January saw a “fairly even distribution” of motor vehicle accidents, medical calls, and smoke/carbon monoxide calls, with a couple of mutual aid fire calls as well. Witzel also encouraged residents in February to check their wood stoves for increased creosote buildup, which is a major cause of chimney fires. “With February warming up, wood stoves aren’t being burned as hot as they were in the bitter cold. This leads to creosote buildup so make sure your chimneys are checked several times during the burning season, and clean them when build-up begins.” He also advised that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. He encourages residents to check devices’ expiration and manufacturer’s date. 

On Jan. 1, the fire department responded to a mutual aid call in Woolwich, providing station coverage while local firefighters battled a structure fire. Later, first responders provided medical attention for a female who fell on U.S. Route 1. Responders assisted her into a chair and provided medical care until an ambulance arrived.

On Jan. 2, first responders arrived at Mount Hunger West as a patient was loaded into an ambulance. Later, first responders reported to Cross Road for a patient experiencing heart problems. A doctor instructed the patient to visit the hospital. Responders provided medical care until an ambulance arrived.

On Jan. 5, EFD reported to Shore Road for a 63-year-old male who fell while shoveling snow and broke his leg. Responders provided lift assistance into an ambulance for transport.

On Jan. 6, EFD responded to a smoke alarm call on Route 27. Firefighters checked the entire house and found no sign of smoke or fire.

On Jan. 9, the EFD responded to two calls. Firefighers responded to a page for a  fire alarm at a Shore Road home. Firefighters gained access to the unoccupied home and found no smoke or fire. Firefighters told the responsible party to check the alarm and call the alarm company. Later, firefighters responded to a Mill Road home for a carbon monoxide alarm. Firefighters checked the home with a carbon monoxide monitor and found no leak.

On Jan. 10, the EFD responded to three calls. First responders answered an emergency call on Middle Road for a two-vehicle accident. A propane truck reportedly hit a pickup truck. No property damage or injuries were reported. Responders provided traffic control. Later, responders answered an emergency call at the Route 27 and Sunset Vista intersection for another motor vehicle accident. One car reportedly slid off the road. There were no injuries and only minimal property damage was reported. Responders provided traffic control. The EFD responded to a medical call on Cross Road for a 70-year-old male who fell on ice. Responders reported the patient lacerated his head and briefly lost consciousness. The patient also opened sutures from recent hip replacement. Emergency Medical Technicians evaluated patient’s condition and provided lift assistance into an ambulance.

On Jan. 11, the EFD responded to a Shore Road page for a home fire alarm. Responders checked the home with a thermal camera and found no sign of fire or smoke. This was the second false alarm in two days. The responsible party informed responders all alarms were being replaced.

On Jan. 13, the EFD responded to three emergency calls. First responders answered a call at the intersection of Middle and River roads flooded due to a storm. Both roads were closed. The department advised Maine Department of Transportation a barrier was needed. Later, the EFD responded to a down tree on Cross Point Road. Firefighters removed the tree and reopened the road. Another tree on Mill Road was also removed.

On Jan. 14, the EFP responded to a Cross Road call for an 81-year-old female with severe back pain. EMTs provided no patient contact as an ambulance was already on scene.

On Jan. 15, first responders answered an emergency call on Cochran Road for a motor vehicle accident. A pickup truck reportedly hit a deer. No injuries were reported, but there was property damage. Later, EMTs responded to a Route 27 medical call for a 74-year-old female who “passed out.” The patient was unable to get off the floor and EMTs assisted getting the patient onto a stretcher for ambulance transport.

On Jan. 23, first responders answered an emergency call for a Route 27 motor vehicle accident. The car left the road in a bad spot and slid off the road at the bottom of a hill. The road remained closed until the vehicle was removed.

On Jan. 24, EMTs responded to a medical emergency on Cross Road. A 74-year-old male fell and complained of serious knee pain. EMTs assisted the patient into an ambulance. Later, firefighters responded to a fire alarm on Brick Hill Road. Firefighters found smoke in the residence banking down from the ceiling. The homeowner advised she had a stove fire. Firefighters opened windows, cleared smoke and advised her to get the stove/chimney checked and cleaned.

On Jan. 30, firefighters responded to a page at the U.S. Route 1 and Eddy Road intersection for a transformer that made a loud bang and was smoking. Central Maine Power was already at the scene. CMP removed a branch which had fallen on the wire,  tripping the transformer.

On Jan. 30, the EFD responded to two emergency calls. The EFD responded to a mutual aid call in Boothbay. Firefighters staffed the Boothbay Fire Station then three firefighters assisted in the fire cleanup. Later, first responders assisted in a two-motor vehicle accident on Route 27. There was some property damage, but no injuries were reported. The EFD provided traffic control and both vehicles were towed.