Edgecomb OK’s change from spa to guest room

Tue, 02/25/2020 - 7:45am

Water’s Edge Development, LLC partner Scott Larson got approval from Edgecomb’s planning board Feb. 20 to change the use of a unit at 302 Eddy Road from a spa to a guest room.

Larson and Sheepscot Harbor Village Resort General Manager Gail Hunt met with the board to discuss converting the space that once was a reception and lounge and later a spa. According to Larson, the homeowners association approved creating a one-bedroom rental unit and a storage area. “It will be like renting a hotel room,” Larson explained.

Although never used as a dwelling unit, it had been classified as one in the original documents. Larson explained, the unit never generated revenue so it wasn’t taxed, but going forward it probably could be. Asking for permission to create the guest room, he laughed and told the planning board: “No taxation without habitation.”

Asked about any exterior changes to the building, Larson said there would be none and fewer parking spaces would be used because the spa would be gone.

Also Feb. 20, Dan and Michelle Phelps of Phelps Architects asked the board for feedback about converting a patio to an enclosed four-season room at the home of William and Sarah Clifford on Cross Point Road.

The patio’s current space of 108 square feet would be reduced to 93 square feet. The Phelps also asked about building a pergola adjacent to the build-out area. The pergola was described as structural with a footing but without sides or a roof. Michelle Phelps described it at as “more of a sun shade, like an open trellis.”

Board members offered no objections to the proposed project and the Phelps will submit an application.