From the editor

Email, slow down and good luck Y-Arts

Wed, 01/08/2020 - 9:00am

As editor, I get story ideas, updates, press releases, letters to the editor, photos, etc. through various methods – email, my personal Facebook page, texts, through the mail slot in the office front door, the postal service, phone messages and in person.

I wish to inform readers that perhaps the best way to reach me and for me to respond is through email ( or I spend about 30 hours a week scrolling through my email. We use Microsoft Outlook 365 and I have my email delivered among the Focused listings (my frequent contacts) and my Other listings (not so frequent contacts). Naturally, I find four or five items each week that end up in the Other listings, so I need to check those four or five times a day, sometimes more, to be sure I don’t miss any material for the paper.

I do check my Facebook messages, usually after work, and I do get texts from a few people, but sometimes I forget that I received messages (unless I send them on to my email or write them down on paper).


The season is upon us – slippery road season. I don’t like driving in the ice and snow and I am sure I am joined by many others who don’t like it either. I think some drivers think they can drive fast on the slippery roads, but sometimes it ends up in an accident – see Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office report. Driving at speeds to match the conditions is key to avoiding accidents. Slow down and be patient.


Good luck to the Y-Arts group traveling to Atlanta, Georgia next week for the Junior Theater Festival. The Boothbay Region YMCA program has thrived ever since Ginny Bishop began taking the group to the Festival, always bringing home awards. Now her daughter, Emily Mirabile, who has been in charge of the program for the past several years, will once again take the group to the Festival. I heard that Ginny will be accompanying the group on this year’s trip. With both of them in tow, we think this year’s group will “wow” the iTheatrics Junior Theater Festival judges. No pressure! Have fun and enjoy the experience, kids!