Farewell to Carole

Posted:  Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 1:45pm

On December 4, all of us at the Boothbay Register and Wiscasset Newspaper learned our much loved co-worker and friend, Carole Raizman, died peacefully this morning at her home. (Read formal obituary here)

Raizman was one of the gentlest souls most of us have ever known. Always approachable, warm, and friendly, with a unique sense of humor. She had a tendency to share aloud some of her musings throughout the day; thoughts that never failed to make all of us laugh out loud, yelling, “Good one, Carole!”

She was an avid reader, a big fan of Stephen King; intrigued by the metaphysical, and loved music. Raizman loved her family and her cats. Some of us recall the day she was talking to a friend on the phone, a few years back after she, and son Danny, lost their beloved feline, Solomon. She was contemplating getting one or two new cats from the shelter.

“We're down to just two now,” she had said such an urgent, yet matter-of-fact way. We all laughed with her about it afterward. 

Thinking about Carole brings a smile to your face, and with it, today, some tears. 

It is with heavy hearts that we say farewell and send our love.

Fly high, Carole; fly high.