Mary’s Musings

Fashionable trends

Posted:  Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 9:15am

Fashionable.Most folks try to be “fashionable,’’ depending upon their age, job, friends and other factors. Some want to dress like everyone else, with no desire to be conspicuous. On the other hand, there are those who thrive on being noticed and find a million ways to do so.Designers can’t wait to be the one to introduce a style which quickly becomes a fad. We’ve had bell bottoms, skinny jeans, mini skirts, see-thru gowns, tops cut so low they might as well not be worn at all. Males, too, feel the need to be trendy, be it hoodies, leather jackets, jeans two sizes too large or a certain brand of sneakers.

We’re showing our age, to be sure, when we say that one of the latest fads, sporting a tattoo, is a trend we really don’t understand. Changing clothing styles is quick and easy, but apparently tattoos are more or less permanent, unless you’re willing to undergo a painful procedure to remove them.Many of the folks who decide to get a tattoo tend to follow their first with a second one, a third, and more. It’s not uncommon to see some individuals covered, both arms, their chest, back, legs, neck – any vacant spot they can find.

To us, it’s especially distasteful to see women who have chosen to get multiple tattoos all over their bodies. We understand that some of the art work is very good, often unique, but we don’t really see that it does anything to improve a woman’s body. To us, it has a negative effect. So often, we see a young lady in a sleeveless evening gown with tattoos down one arm, or both, and to us it somehow spoils the effect of her looking like a beautiful female. We’re sure many will disagree with us and tell us we’re too old to really appreciate tattoos, and they’re right.

We also find it makes both men and women less attractive when they have their nose, lips and eyebrows pierced, even their tongue.When we look at a good looking gal or guy who has chosen body piercing to make a fashion statement, we feel sad rather than being duly impressed, which is what they hoped our response would be.

Fashion statements are always changing. We’ll personally be happy when the tattoo craze and body piercing trends are far behind us.