From the editor

Getting out and about

Wed, 11/18/2020 - 9:00am

It was nice to see people out and about this week, celebrating Veterans Day and getting ready for the holiday season by decorating and shopping. The pandemic is disheartening and we still have to be mindful of its presence but we also have to live and keep active. Do what you feel is right to stay healthy and, if you are not healthy, please stay at home and get medical assistance. We are not out of the woods, yet, despite the news that a vaccine may be on the way.

This Saturday is also a good day to support our local businesses. The annual Early Bird Sale won’t be what it used to be, with stores limiting the number of shoppers at any one time, mask wearing, etc., but the weather forecast calls for above average temperatures and no precipitation, so help the local economy by taking advantage of the sales.

If you are concerned about the declining bird population, Jeff and Allison Wells, authors of our bird column, offer some suggestions on how we can help stop the decline in this week’s column. Please read it and let’s all get on board. Rachel Carson would want us to.

Have a great week and think about what you will be thankful for besides the food on Thanksgiving.