Gratitude from Lincoln Home

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:00pm

What a difference a month makes. In February one of our biggest challenges was finding enough parking spaces for our Senior College classes due to a muddy field that could not be used. When March arrived, the world had changed. Lincoln Home’s COVID-19 Task Force had begun meeting and implementing plans to keep our staff and residents healthy and safe. We continue to meet almost daily.

Gratefully, to date all the residents and staff continue to be well at Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage. Thank you to our residents who continue to practice diligent social distancing and self isolation here on the property. It is heartwarming to see the residents come to the large living rooms in the afternoons, where they can maintain their 6 feet distancing, to check on each other, share their stores and laugh with each other.

I am incredibly proud and in awe of the employees here at Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage. These employees are home schooling their children while keeping them safe and entertained. They have family members with needs they can no longer meet due to their commitment to social distancing. They cannot see and hug their grandchildren. They are faced with forgoing birthday celebrations, religious gatherings, and coffee times with supportive friends. They are holding their families together under enormous pressures and stresses. And yet they all come to work, day after day, night after night. They bring their expertise, their grace and their smiles. I am honored to work with them. They are priceless. 

We also send a heartfelt thank you to our caregiving colleagues in doctor’s offices, LincolnHealth Hospital, and especially those caring for seniors in high risk communities. We are cheering you on with respect and gratitude.

Closing our doors to the public was a sad and difficult decision that had to be made. We dearly miss seeing our families, friends and all who came so often to share their pets, music, art, stories and companionship with us. Know we are thinking about all of you, sending our love out to the community, wishing you well, and counting the days to when we can open our doors to welcome you back inside. 

As one resident told me the other day “we can take it and we will make it.” I believe her.

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