From the Assistant Editor

The handwriting is on the beach

Posted:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - 8:45am

Everyone I've talked to this summer about this summer has had the same take on it: It has been fast. It's a refrain this time of year, but louder this time around.

One person figured it was the long winter, including that painful, and painfully long, cold stretch. It still hurts, just remembering it. We have had worse winters, but count me among those at least as happy as usual when this one ended. And since the days of sun and warmth seemed to take so long getting here, it might follow they should take their time leaving.

Not so. They are ticking away with every sunset. One less summer day, and each sunset a little earlier at night.

The Fourth of July, Summerfest, Dresden Summerfest and Strawberry Festival are over until 2019, and back to school end even Halloween merchandise are starting to appear.

The handwriting is on the beach.

It's coming, beautiful autumn, flawed only by its inability to stop winter. Where in and around Wiscasset and the Midcoast did you want to go this summer? Have you been?

Fellow "Seinfeld" fans will recall the "Summer of George" was anything but. If yours went astray because life happened or you've been busy, it's not too late. The Wiscasset Art Walk, St. Philip's suppers and Wiscasset Area Chamber of Commerce's and Wiscasset Parks and Recreation's "Alive on the Common" concerts have more to come.

Embrace those and beach walks, sitting in a lawn chair in the shade, boat trips, cookouts, museums, galleries, plays or whatever else you fancy that is left and make it the summer of you, for the laughs, the adventures, the exercise and for the memories no cold, ice, or snow can take away, no matter how much we get.