From the assistant editor

Hello, Tom, it’s me

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 8:45am

Hello, Tom,

Candy corn aside, Halloween is still three weeks off. So please, don’t be scaring us, like in Sunday’s game. I know it wasn’t all you. Someone has to catch the ball.

But much of every game depends on you. You are so outstanding, so central to so much New England gridiron glory, you have set the bar high for the team, the league and for yourself. I like to think you all were just making it interesting for the network that first quarter – saving a little at the outset before taking care of business.

But it looked like you were all giving it your all, like you do; that was the scary part: The team was behind against an 0-4 team.

Tonight, Thursday, Oct. 10, just shine. Shine like you have no Super Bowl rings; shine for all the kids and us grown-ups your skills and your focus inspire. Some people are heroes for their amazing or everyday selfless acts. You are one for the champion’s and gentleman’s example you set on the field and in the press room. 

Thanks for giving us another season. Promise you’ll leave when you know you should physically to still live your best life. I wouldn’t be watching football but for the Patriots. And while you are a big part of the draw for many of us fans, your legacy will challenge the team to live up to it.

After the first quarter Sunday, I put on my Patriots hat. Did that make the difference? Maybe a lot of people put theirs on.

I’d rather not turn on its Christmas lights until next month, but I will tonight, if needed. But it probably won’t be, right? Go New England!

Week’s positive parting thought: I came across Wiscasset Historic Preservation Commission’s Facebook page Tuesday. Chair Susan Blagden said member Pam Logan has been posting on there and Instagram for several months. The Facebook page looks good, from the history of a local building to commission meeting schedule updates. With petition plans announced recently for another bid to repeal the preservation ordinance establishing the commission, I can’t gauge the panel’s future. But from my look at many of the commission’s posts, the page is an accomplishment the panel and town can be proud of. 

The panel has long described itself as a resource. This is one way it succeeds.