Wiscasset Police Department

Hesseltine, Mewa ready to make it legal, seek dream wedding

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 8:00am

Laura Mewa grew up in Old Town. A couple of years after earning her master’s degree, she took a job as school counselor at Medomak Middle School in Waldoboro.

Wiscasset Police Chief Larry Hesseltine grew up in Lincoln and graduated from the Maine Justice Academy. He earned admiration and respect as a police officer serving Waldoboro. That’s where he met Mewa, the love of his life. Hesseltine was providing Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) lessons for seventh graders at Medomak Middle, and was once asked to wait in the counselor’s office. The principal followed him in, and introduced the two.

Mewa agreed to a first date to please her principal. The date was less than a success, she said. “Officer Hesseltine talked for an entire three hours, nonstop.” He talked about his five children and his previous marriages. But she said he was humble and funny, and honest. He asked her out on more dates, and she surprised herself by agreeing. 

The two soon realized there was something there. Mewa realized that despite their age difference, she was falling in love.

Hesseltine knew on their first couple of dates Mewa was special, genuine, and equally honest. They shared a passion for helping others – her students, and his involvement with Special Olympics. Mewa encouraged him to apply for Wiscasset police chief.

At Christmas dinner, surrounded by family, he proposed. He was more tearful than she was. He is known to cry watching the Hallmark Channel and at touching commercials, Mewa said.

She has stepped up to be a stepmother to his three high school teenagers, encouraging them to take rigorous classes, get involved in their schools, and become accomplished young people. The couple moved to Wiscasset last year and love being part of their new community.

As for being a couple, they are ready to make it legal. And they have entered the Real Maine Weddings contest for a dream wedding on the coast of Maine. You can vote at www.realmaineweddings.com now through March 6. Each email address can vote once a day.