January assortment

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 8:45am

Will the initiative for a community development specialist make it onto the Wiscasset ballot? Probably. A 2017 one to get back the planning department drew enough signatures and, without a planner, numerous boards have felt and voiced the void.

But will the proposed specialist go down at the polls as the planner did? We shall see. Win, lose, or recount, at least the revisit is coming from the voters.

From selectmen, it would be well-intended also, but as leaders, politically poor in terms of respecting the last vote. Supporting and arguing for a citizens initiative, if a member sees fit, rings better than pushing the issue unasked.

Welcome to interim town manager John O’Connell. He served the county well and has the temperament and skills to do the same for Wiscasset. Kudos to selectmen on the decision, and the decision to take their time on a permanent manager.

So long and good luck to outgoing town manager Marian Anderson. Thank you for your Wiscasset years and your service in other area towns including Edgecomb. Thanks for being approachable and professional. And thanks for sharing your umbrella when Maine Department of Transportation took us all around downtown. 

Week’s positive thought: Spring is officially less than two months away.