Mary’s Musings

Let there be light(s)

Posted:  Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 8:30am

Christmas decorations hold a special place in our hearts, especially the traditional wreaths, swags, garlands and other greenery offset by bright red ribbons and bows.They’re perfect symbols of the season. When lights are tastefully added, it becomes magical. Once again this year, the Gardens Aglow exhibit at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is a shining example of what can be accomplished with lights if only you have folks who can coordinate and execute a well-designed master plan.

With thousands of visitors coming from near and far to tour the gardens during the holiday season, scores of homes and businesses have joined in lighting up as well as the municipalities themselves. All it took was someone providing the incentive, and we were all off and running.

Our long-time Boothbay Register publisher, the late Marylouise Tandy Cowan, loved Christmas lights, and when she first funded the special holiday lighting at the Southport Methodist Church years ago, folks throughout the peninsula used to drive to Southport Island to see the display during the Christmas season.

Gardens Aglow now has provided the catalyst for many others, and it’s fun to tour the region and see the time and effort which has been exerted on some properties.It makes the holiday season even more special.

Christmas lights send a message of warmth and welcome. We remember driving through Pennsylvania one Christmas season, and looking down from the highway onto a coal mining community far below in a valley which was aglow with Christmas lights. After miles of nothing but darkness and car headlights or taillights, it made a lasting impression.

We’re convinced that every year, more and more properties here on the peninsula will jump on the bandwagon and decorate. Some will be very simple displays, while others will be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Everyone does his or her own thing. One very tasteful lighting style which has become one of our favorites the past few years is the van Hasselt home in East Boothbay village, at the corner of Route 96 and Lincoln Street. White candles glow from the windows, and the front door is highlighted by a spotlight which illuminates a wreath on the front door, and the American flag.

Our congratulations to all of those who have made an all-out effort  to give our entire peninsula a festive Christmas atmosphere, both with decorations and by making our many holiday events, such as the lighted boat parade, fireworks,  festival of lights, festival of trees, Santa’s visit,  and a myriad of others, so very special. What better place could you be at Christmas time!