LincolnHealth reports 70 new COVID-19 cases for week of April 18

Wed, 04/27/2022 - 8:00am

LincolnHealth reported 70 new COVID-19 cases from 432 tests for the week of April 18. The rising trends in testing and positive cases continues for the fourth consecutive week with the positivity rate, 16.2%, having doubled since the week of April 4 and at its highest since the week of Jan. 31.

Breakthrough cases, those who have been vaccinated and contracted the virus, are also at their highest since Jan. 31 with 53 cases and a positivity rate of 76%, the second highest ever. Positivity rates among the vaccinated are expected to rise as more people get the vaccine.

LincolnHealth’s John Martins said Maine has been no exception to the increase in testing and infection rates being observed in many other states. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Timothy Fox said the rising trends should be expected.

“The circulation of a highly infectious strain of COVID-19 at a time when masking mandates and distancing recommendations are loosening has led to a rise and COVID-19 cases and, to a lesser extent, hospitalizations,” Fox said.

LincolnHealth continues to encourage those who are not vaccinated and those who have yet to get a booster to do so, said Martins. You can go to to schedule appointments, and you do not have to be a Lincoln Medical Partners patient to get any of the COVID vaccine shots.

Said Martins, “While there have been high percentage of people who have received the vaccine testing positive, the number drops significantly with a booster shot. Those who are boosted have less of a chance of being hospitalized.”