From the assistant editor

The many stories of COVID-19

Wed, 03/25/2020 - 8:45am

Reporting online and much of it in print, all things COVID-19 – what is closed, partly closed, canceled and postponed, and how our town governments, townspeople, schools, parents, businesses and others have been impacted and how they have responded to this strange time – has been some of our most important work ever, especially in the age of online news so we can, we must, keep it current. How are we doing?

As unfortunate as it is to report the extended school closures and the pandemic’s impacts to our businesses and town governments, it is uplifting and reassuring to report all the things that keep going, moved from in-person to online, etc., and the new, wonderful things that have started to emerge. We’ll keep trying to keep up so you can have the stories as soon as possible.

Keep checking in at Most stories will appear there before they are in print, and some will run online only, because the local news around the pandemic is as fluid as the national news on it.

Week’s positive parting thought: Thank you again to the people who aren’t getting to stay home due to their work; and thank you to everyone following the six-foot rule and other precautions.