letter to the editor

Need for access is still there

Mon, 03/21/2022 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

Edgecomb has funds set aside in a fund to buy and improve public access to the water.

The town has miles of shore property but no public access. The Woodend fund was set up by the board of selectmen in the seventies when the federal government seized a piece of shore property owned by Woodend and gave it top the town. The selectmen deemed it not suitable for public access and sold the property and invested the proceeds for the purchase of a more suitable piece in the future.

Over the years the town has voted to add boat excise receipts to this fund showing support for accumulating funds for public access.

More recently this Woodend fund has been looked at to possibly fund a solar farm on town property or to fund some of the cost to build an addition onto the town hall.  

  As time goes by shore property becomes more scarce and more expensive. The need for access is still there. That being said, the selectboard and the waterfront committee should support adding the excise tax to the Woodend Fund and keep that fund intact and growing for its intended purpose.

Tom Boudin