New CTL head of school brings new vision

Tue, 08/06/2019 - 8:15am

The Center for Teaching and Learning, a K-8 school on Cross Point Road in Edgecomb, eagerly anticipates the new school year under the leadership of head of school Katy Inman. About to launch its 30th year, CTL welcomes Inman's experience and ideas.

“I plan to build on the amazing strengths of CTL and its national reputation for great teaching,” she said. “This is a faculty of master teachers, and the program is a model for K-8 schools throughout the nation. Academics across the curriculum—math and science, reading and writing—are outstanding and award-winning.”

Inman is enthused about CTL’s new outdoor classroom and “the opportunities it presents for experiences in the natural world. We have over eight acres of field and forest here. It was a brilliant idea to nestle a timber-frame building into our woods.”

The 16-foot x 20-foot outdoor classroom, to be dedicated in September, will serve as home base for a focus on animal and plant species, water, weather, and skills of self-sufficiency in the out-of-doors. The program will also help students reflect on their activity and explore the ways that learning in a natural environment supports social and emotional well-being.

“In addition, Caroline Bond, CTL’s kindergarten teacher, is looking forward to piloting a forest curriculum, so that right from the start our students will enjoy rich experiences in the natural world,” Inman noted.

Pam Brackett, longtime teacher of drama and physical education, announced her retirement this summer. CTL is sad to see her go and grateful for her many years of work on the stage and playing fields and in the Barn, the school's auditorium and gymnasium. Inman said: “New instructors of drama and phys. ed. will bring new approaches and creativity to student fitness, self-confidence, teamwork, and the raising of their public voices. The physical education program will emphasize outdoor education.”

The K-8 science curriculum this year focuses on water — fresh, salt, and vernal pools. “Glenn Powers, science teacher of grades 5-8 and a valued resource for the entire faculty, is coordinating with area land trusts to create opportunities for field trips and other hands-on work. Students will conduct research, analyze data, and report their findings. It’s sure to be an exciting year,” Inman said.

Inman has already held listening sessions with current parents about what they value about the school and invited their input about changes they’d like to see. “I am so impressed by their enthusiasm for CTL,” Inman said. “The parents really love and support this school.”

Inman has begun to develop a strategic planning process for the future of CTL, one that ensures that all constituent voices are heard. When complete, the plan will guide decision-making and ensure that the school continues to offer innovative academics for local students and a robust, nationally-accessed, professional development program for teachers.

To learn more about CTL and Inman’s ideas, reach her at 882-9706 or