New procedures at Wiscasset transfer station

Fri, 03/20/2020 - 1:45pm

Users of the Wiscasset Transfer Station are no longer being asked to separate recyclables from their trash. “Until further notice everything can go into one bag,” said Bob Wolfe, the transfer station’s senior staff member.

Recycling hasn’t ended. It’s being carried out by Coastal Resources of Maine, a Hampden-based company the town has contracted with. The new policy went into effect Tuesday, March 17 initially as part of the town’s COVID-19 precautions. But Wolf hopes the policy will continue. “It is a lot easier for people because now most of their trash and recycling can go into one bag and right into the same bin,” he said.

The station has removed all the recycling bins that were inside the building and for now has closed the wood, metal and demolition bays. “For everyone’s peace of mind and safety we’re trying to limit contact between people using the station,” added Wolfe. For now, the station will keep its regular schedule: 8 to 4 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Wednesday from 10 to 6.

According to the company’s website, CRM is powered by “FIBERIGHT Technology,” and can process up to 180,000 tons of trash and recycling a year into recycled product and engineered fuels. “More than half of the waste is repurposed instead of going into the landfill,” it states.

The new “One Bin – All In” procedure requires cardboard boxes and packages to be broken down and food/liquid containers, especially plastic ones, to be emptied and rinsed; caps can be left on. Among the items prohibited form the trash hopper are batteries, yard waste, grass, tree limbs, wood products, styrofoam, tires, furniture, carpeting, clothing, glass and metal. A complete list is at

If unsure what can or can’t be thrown away, ask a station attendant or call 882-8231 during operating hours.