New protocols for Windjammer Days events

Masks required until action begins and fewer entries
Thu, 06/10/2021 - 8:00am

    Two of Windjammer Days most popular events, the Lobster Eating Contest and Cod Fish Race, will be held this year on June 30 at 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m., respectively. Mask protocols have been added so both the competitors and spectators can enjoy the events safely.

    “Once we knew Windjammer Days was happening in 2021,” said Jack Herger, sponsor of both events, “we started thinking about how we could pull off our events safely. Competitors for these events can’t help but get close to each other and the crowds are always big, so we decided to institute a mask mandate and strongly encourage social distancing whenever possible.”

    For the Lobster Eating Contest, the field has been reduced from the usual 15-plus competitors to 10 only. This allows more distance between competitors as they engage in some rather fast and over-exuberant eating. Each competitor must wear masks when they approach the contest table right up until the judge says “GO!”  They may then remove their mask to eat. When they are done eating, they must immediately put their mask back on, raise their hands and yell “YESSAH!” to signal they’re finished. The fastest finisher will win $100 cash.

    Four-person, relay-style Cod Fish Race teams are being called “pods” this year and each pod is expected to arrive at the starting line together and in masks. They must keep their masks on from the moment they enter the starting area, during the race itself, and until they depart the starting area at the end of their race. The Cod Fish Race has attracted as many as 17 teams in recent years but this year's field is limited to 10 pods to encourage social distancing. The pod that carries two smelly fish around the course fastest takes home a cash prize of $100. A special Judge’s Prize of $25 will be awarded to the pod with the best mask.

    Spectators for both events will be asked to wear masks whenever they’re unable to practice social distancing.

    “While the pandemic appears to be winding down,” said Herger, “we believe these precautions are still a good idea. Better safe than sorry, as they say. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in making our events as safe and fun as possible.”

    Anyone wishing to sign up for the Lobster Eating Contest or Cod Fish Race can find entry forms at the Windjammer Days tent in whale park starting Tuesday, June 29. A $15 entry fee is required to enter the Lobster Eating Contest. Entry to the Cod Fish Race is free.