letter to the editor

Not about fixing Alna government

Tue, 11/30/2021 - 7:45am

Dear Editor:

For 227 years Alna has elected a first, second, and third selectman to manage our affairs.

Despite what you’re told, a survey conducted by neutral Lincoln County staff found that Alna selectmen have the same titles and responsibilities as their counterparts in seven other Lincoln County towns – Somerville, Dresden, Monhegan, South Bristol, Edgecomb, Southport and Westport.

Ignore the intentional disinformation; we’re not unique. Far from it, we’re absolutely mainstream.

What is unique is our totally manufactured “crisis.” The two sitting selectmen simultaneously claimed to be over their heads and yet refused to call an election for first selectman to fix a mess of their own making. They ignored advice from experienced past selectmen. David Abbott, first selectman for 20 years, never got a call.

Now a small group of people, few of whom have ever even attended town meeting, are trying to stampede you into “fixing” this imaginary “crisis” through a special referendum, rushed in just days before Christmas.

Let’s be honest here: This isn’t about “fixing” Alna government. This is about a small, secretive group of people who have long warred against their fellow residents conspiring with their captive selectmen to manufacture a “crisis” and turn the community against itself – simply to settle old scores.

If you doubt it, consider this: Two weeks ago I emailed a leader of this faction the following:

Several concerned citizens ... have asked me to approach you, as the author of the proposal ... to see if it might be possible to arrive at some compromise resolution to these two competing measures coming before the town. They are concerned, as am I, that this continual warring amongst factions is destroying what fragile remnants of community might remain in our town. We are now well beyond disagreement on ideas and into the world of clan and class hatredEach side is dehumanizing the other – sadly mirroring the country at large in that way.

I received no response. Nothing. Silence. Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about what motivates this ridiculous exercise?

Doug Baston, former six-term selectman