From the editor

Please slow down

Wed, 07/29/2020 - 9:00am

I will give you my set-up for walking but I am sure many can relate to why I am asking motorists to please slow down, do the speed limit, etc.

I live on Back Narrows Road in Boothbay. As I exit my driveway – usually with an anxious dog leading the way – to my right is a hill leading to Pension Ridge Road and Pleasant Cove Road. To my left is the flat “speedway,” which stretches for about 125 yards before you come to a bend in the road. Before the bend is a yellow sign “BLIND DRIVE,” which has been placed so motorists will know to slow down. The owners of the house, I think, moved their driveway further down the road to avoid getting hit from someone driving too fast around the bend.

The speed limit is 35 mph on that stretch, yet, I wish I had a speed gun to measure some of the motorists using the road; 40 mph and faster is sometimes the norm, and it isn’t only one type of vehicle breaking the speed limit. I have seen dump trucks cruising by me and making the roadside flora bend and stretch like a yoga instructor. Cars, motorcyles, pickups … doesn’t matter the make or model, there are speeders every day.

There are dog walkers (like me), joggers, walkers, bicyclists, parents walking with children, and sometimes stray domestic and wild animals in my neighborhood. Luckily, I have not witnessed any tragic accidents, besides a few roadkills of wild animals, but accidents are waiting to happen.

So, wherever you motorists are traveling, please do the speed limit (or slower in bad travel conditions) and be aware of your surroundings.