letter to the editor

The problem with assumptions

Posted:  Monday, November 20, 2017 - 8:45am

Dear Editor:

Based on recent events and posts regarding the school system, I would like to share my opinion on the problem with assumptions. An assumption is something whose truth status is uncertain and has the potential to be damaging. It is time that as a community, we make these assumptions stop.

As a student and a leader at Wiscasset Middle High School, it is incredibly frustrating to stand by and listen to the assumptions being made about how conditions are within the schools and that the elected officials are not here for us, the same officials who were voted on to give us guidance and run our schools.

I feel safe in my school and stand firm in believing that you should support the community instead of picking up and leaving when the going gets tough. To those who believe their opinions are being shut down, when I tried to express my support of our schools and our officials, I was removed from a page that “welcomes” the opinions of the citizens in our community. As WMHS Student Council president, I should have a voice.

I have nothing but a high level of respect for our officials, whether I agree with them or not. They were elected into their positions for a reason. I feel the officials of my school are willing to work with and listen to students. To assume anything else just leads to anger-driven debates which will detract from our progress as a community. The next time you ask your officials to put themselves in your place, do the same for them by placing yourself in their position. It is time that we trust the people that we elected to lead us instead of questioning their agendas by confusing facts with assumptions. The day that change can be embraced is the day that our town will be successful. Resisting change stops you from being able to evolve, grow and progress.

Let us stop assuming and start learning the facts so we can move forward together as a town.

Vanessa Dunn

Student Council president

Wiscasset Middle High School