letter to the editor

Public water access in Edgecomb

Fri, 05/06/2022 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

Edgecomb needs public access to the water. There is a nice piece for sale on the Shore Road. It was looked at several years ago when the selectmen thought it could be taken for back taxes. Taxes have since been paid by the owner. It is not perfect but what lot would be.

On the plus side: It is too small to build a house on but could have room for a few parking spaces.and a seasonal porta-potty. Loss of tax revenue would be low. It has electricity and a dock. Electricity could allow security lights and monitoring.

Negatives: It is expensive. $300,000. the Woodend Fund has a little over $200,000 in it. Dock and ramp needs rebuilding but the state has grant funds available for that.

The town could have a public dock with picnic area, seasonal bathroom facilities and parking areas. No need for a boat ramp now but maybe a kayak launch and needed emergency access to the river for first responders. The Waterfront Committee or the Boat Access Committee could manage the property with funds from boat excise taxes.

The only way anything can happen is if residents contact the selectmen and tell them they are in favor of boat access, or vote against Article #28 on the warrant which takes boat excise tax away from future public access funding. Absentee ballots are available at the town office. Send the message Edgecomb needs access to the water!

Tom Boudin