letter to the editor

Relief all around

Mon, 09/19/2022 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor:

As homeowners, we’ve felt the gut wrenching shockwaves of hefty real estate tax hikes over the last decade, but as retired educators we’ve understood why. Our towns and school districts have struggled to cover education costs because the state of Maine has not been paying its required 55% share of local education expenses. Voters passed this essential level of cost sharing in a 2004 referendum, but previous administrations ignored the legislation until Governor Mills took office. She understood the importance of both supporting our schools and giving tax relief to home owners. The state of Maine is finally fulfilling its 55% obligation to towns and schools, and this has relieved the crushing pressure on our tax bills.

And the story goes on. Under the previous administration our property taxes surged when Governor Paul LePage whittled down revenue sharing of state income and sales taxes from 5% to 2%. Governor Mills recognized the problem and has restored the state’s share back to 5% giving even more support for students and educators while helping home owners like ourselves.

Thank you, Governor Mills. You’ll get our votes.

Kayda and Sam Selby