From the assistant editor

That’s the spirit

Wed, 10/21/2020 - 8:45am

Leave it to our towns and residents to still find it in them this year, to feel festive and help others to. COVID-19 may change this year’s holidays, justifiably so for safety, but the roadside displays help us still feel the season. Great job on the Halloween and fall decorations, as always, but especially this year, as these little things seem to have added import as a slice of normalcy, socially distanced.

Hope this bodes well for holiday lights and displays. What a great chance to show community spirit, as we continue to be mostly apart to help us all get through the pandemic.

Kudos to Wiscasset for pulling off the best Scarecrowfest it could given the pandemic and an ill-timed rainstorm. 

And besides seasonal, holiday and community spirit, starting Oct. 26 Wiscasset is managing its special time of school spirit, too, with the Spirit Week a pandemic could not stop, only adjust, such as one student at a time working on their class’s board for the Battle of the Class Boards, as announced at

Congratulations on all these efforts, greatly appreciated, as we continue to rise to today’s challenges.