From the editor

School's out and summer is coming

Posted:  Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 1:30pm

After every graduation, I reminisce about the final days of school and how much I looked forward to summer. While in elementary school, I looked forward to later nights out playing with friends in the neighborhood, riding bikes around town, fishing and swimming. Dad (Happy Father's Day to all Dads on Sunday, June 18) would fire up the charcoal grill a lot on the weekends. Relatives and friends would visit from out of state. The early days of Windjammer Days were exciting and we lived in a house that faced the harbor, so when the Fourth of July fireworks were held, we'd gather on the flat roof, eat watermelon or candy, and watch the display.

Those most exciting days kind of ended – or were toned down – when it came time for working during the summer months. But there were some different summer activities enjoyed during high school and college – boating, partying, hiking, meeting new people, earning money and more.

So now, as I work 40-plus hours a week, mow the lawn, shovel the snow, rake the leaves and do other chores as a homeowner during the year, I really look forward to doing any fun stuff during the summer. As we know in Maine, winter is long and summer is short, so get out there and enjoy it. I will try and I hope you do, too!