Stacey Souza takes on new career

Tue, 06/08/2021 - 10:45am

    Stacey Souza has served Wiscasset’s schools 13 years. She still will, but fewer hours a week after she went to school for a longtime interest, real estate. Living all over New England and moving to many houses piqued that interest.

    “I’ve just always loved looking at property and exploring different areas,” the Vermont-raised Wiscasset resident, 52, said in a phone interview June 3. Now that her children are older – son J.D., 23, is a Mobius case manager and daughter Lily, 18, attends University of Maine in Farmington – Souza said she finally decided to take courses.

    She got her state license and went one better: Souza has joined the National Association of Realtors. The membership makes her a realtor. She is with Cates Real Estate. 

    “The thought of helping somebody find their own little piece of the world to call home was just really enticing to me,” including helping young families make connections in the town that she said is part of her heart. “So I decided to go all in.”

    Any trepidation about taking on a new career? Once she makes a decision, she is not one to question it, she said. “But I will say that some nights I do wake up in the middle of the night and worry about, ‘What did I just do,’” she added, laughing. “But I’m definitely optimistic and I’m just really looking forward to learning a new profession.”

    Souza’s full-time service as administrative assistant at the school department’s central office ends June 30; then she will stay on for 10 hours a week, mainly doing superintendent and school committee support, she explained. She looks forward to also helping train the next administrative assistant, and feels honored and thankful Superintendent of Schools Terry Wood and the school committee gave her the new arrangement.

    Wood said she is grateful Souza would take it. “When I was first contacted by the Wiscasset School Department to interview for the superintendent position, Stacey was the first person that I actually met. Her demeanor, professionalism, and positive attitude made me want to come and work for the (department),” Wood wrote Wiscasset Newspaper in an email response.

    “Stacey's attention to detail, communication skills, and knowledge regarding school systems are strengths that we have had the opportunity to utilize over the past several years. I am grateful that she has offered to stay part-time and to oversee the training of the new administrative assistant. I selfishly would have loved to have her stay with us full-time, but respect her desire to follow a dream that she has worked so diligently to achieve and support her decision 100%. Stacey Souza represents the Wiscasset School Department's desire to be the best it can be and models this each and every day she comes to work.”

    Souza loves working for the department and having that connection with the community. “It immerses me more in the town, and I don’t want to lose that.”

    Souza started with the department in 2008 as a middle school secretary. It all has been an amazing journey, she said.

    To reach her about real estate in the Midcoast, email or call 380-8028.