Steller’s sea eagle a people magnet

Mon, 01/17/2022 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

The current hunt for “the bird” has reminded me of a very special previous outdoor winter adventure here in the Boothbay Region. Nancy and Peter Gilchrist got lots of us traipsing around outdoors in the cold and snow, searching high and low for the hidden Ebb Tide token. I remember going here and there, realizing it might be a good spot to be scouting for the treasure if more than a car or two were in a usually winter-empty parking lot. 

This month’s hunt for the Steller’s sea eagle has brought cars with out-of-state license plates to the sides of roads and into parking lots that are usually full only during summer months. The Ebb Tide treasure hunt had us scratching our heads to figure out the rhymes and riddles of the daily clues. While we were usually secretive when we got good ideas for places to search for the token, the bird hunt has people sharing sightings and information. 

The Ebb Tide treasure hunt brought a bit of life to the cold, dark days of winter, as has the visit of the Steller’s sea-eagle.  I have seen the eagle, but I have enjoyed, even more, watching the people!

Jane Wallace
Boothbay Harbor