Mary’s Musings

Stop the bickering and get to work

Posted:  Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 7:00am

As we celebrate the wonderful days of summer here on the Maine coast, Washington and the political world seem far, far away but unfortunately the only way to escape what’s happening – or isn’t – in our nation’s capital seems to be to stick our heads in the sand.

There is no end to the bickering, name-calling, and lack of cooperation. It would be easier to accept if it appeared to be temporary but it’s ongoing and doesn’t promise to ease no matter which political party controls the House or Senate.

Are these the same fine, upstanding men and women we elected to represent our best interests? Where, along the way, did they forget the lessons they learned from their parents, teachers, and other mentors as they were growing up?  Weren’t they listening to some of the messages of their childhood? Learn to share. Be polite. Cooperate.  Respect those with different views. Be kind and considerate at all times. Don’t ever get too big for your britches. Stand by your principles but don’t ignore what others may have to say.  

As we follow the workings of Congress and our appointed or elected officials, it’s mind-boggling to watch them act like misbehaving children.  We keep wishing their parents could show up and give them a reality check. Of course, spankings are no longer acceptable in today’s world – too inhumane.

Seriously, we wonder if our elected leaders truly understand as representatives of the two major political parties how childish they appear with their refusal to cooperate or try to iron out their differences. We all understand that they each have their own philosophies in some respects, but by the same token, there are universal goals which are important to most Americans, no matter what the party.  Constantly throwing the blame for lack of consensus on the “other guy’’ is an excuse that is becoming tiresome.

Grow up. Act like responsible adults. Recognize that you’re ALL in Washington to represent the people of your home state and the entire United States. Sit down at the same table, shake hands, and get to work.