Summertime fun with Wiscasset's Stroziers

Sun, 07/14/2019 - 9:00pm

Summer and water go together and the Ed and Shelley Strozier family of Wiscasset has been making full use of both, visiting area water holes.

Shelley Strozier said the family visited Pinkham Pond in the Dresden-Alna area Sunday, July 14, then stopped at Here's the Scoop in Dresden, and husband Ed suggested a quick dip in Nequasset Lake in Woolwich. There, Strozier snapped a series of phone photos capturing Ed diving and their daughter Anna, 12, jumping into the water. "I stayed out of the water that round." Strozier explained she had already been in the water a lot when they were at Pinkham Pond earlier.

“I don’t like to jump in and out. Once I’m in I like to swim and float for hours,” she added.

Saturday, the family was at the ocean, on Bailey Island. “So (other) water compared to ocean water is always amazing.” The prior weekend, mother and daughter spent a day at the pool at Chewonki Campground in Wiscasset.

Strozier observed, “We’re so lucky to live in an area with a variety of places to cool down ... Love this state!”