From the Assistant Editor

Thoughts near summer’s end

Posted:  Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 8:15am

The waning days of August mean school is getting ready to roll, and so are the buses. John Merry has given us the Wiscasset runs you’ll find on page 6 this week. Even if you have no kiddos to get on the bus, as a motorist, be mindful that the roads, quiet after sunup this summer because children weren’t up and about yet, will now have children and groups of children next to them, waiting for the bus.

Thank you to the parents or other family members who wait with them, helping to see they stay off the road while they wait. Thank you to the bus drivers, for their focus with a bus full of kids behind them, and to law enforcement, for time spent in the school zones as a reminder to motorists, those are school zones.

Students hopefully have had summertime adventures that educated them and that made family memories that will stay with them as mine have from all those years ago, made on our trips to other states, or exploring Fort Popham with my grandfather. Some of my best learning about history, society and nature happened on these trips and day trips, or on a nothing day that wasn’t a nothing day because I was with my family. I hope that was so for you, as well, growing up.

If you haven’t sat watching the Wiscasset harbor this summer, there is still plenty of time, but, being time, it will likely pass quickly, so make a plan to go. You don’t know what or who you’ll see. And listening to the water and the birds is taking in summer and Maine. It’s good thinking time, also.

There or elsewhere, if you take a good selfie or other picture that shows our towns and you would like to share it with us, email it and your phone number to