From the assistant editor

Three great things

Wed, 11/06/2019 - 8:45am

Starting Saturday, do three great things for you, businesses, your holiday spirit, your family, and the men and women who have kept us all free: Shop Wiscasset’s Early Bird Saturday, fit in some family time this weekend and, on Monday, show veterans you respect and honor them.

That’s a broad swath of to-do’s, so feel free to combine them. Do your Early Bird shopping and your Veterans Day observing with your family. Find the times and places for all in this week’s print edition and at

As for the shopping, Saturday, like any day, is a chance to support Wiscasset businesses in the made-over downtown and all around. Get as many names as possible checked off your shopping list locally. It’ll save you gas and, Saturday, save you cash.

Why the shout-out to family time? ’Tis the season for colder and slippery months with less daylight. All the shoveling, colds, winter weather advisories and holiday bustle ahead can at times freeze out fun, including family time — playing board games, watching a movie or Patriots game together, going for a walk, or just talking together uninterrupted. 

So before the black ice returns, get out and spend some green locally Saturday, wear your red, white and blue and American pride on Monday, and get in all the family time you can.

Week’s positive parting thought: Thank you, veterans, for your service and your example.