From the Editor

Three things

Posted:  Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 9:00am

Over my “staycation” last week, which was a mixture of fun on the town and work at home projects, I somewhat kept up with the local news. Some loser(s) spread KKK fliers in the region, stirring things up throughout the town and state. Having lived 60 years on this peninsula, I don’t recall ever hearing about a hate group doing such a thing around here. There are nut cases out there — just watch the TV news, web news, newspapers, etc. — and there seems to be more every day, so it didn’t really surprise me that something like this happened. Hopefully a video, a witness or fingerprints are found and the perpetrator(s) are found. This put a damper on my relaxing time at home.

Major League Baseball is finally doing something right. The St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates spent a day last week with hundreds of Little Leaguers at the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania. The MLB clubs also played a game for the youngsters at one of the oldest minor league parks in America. With the talk that interest in baseball is waning with the younger set, this is a step in the right direction. Now, if they played more day games over the weekend so kids could watch their “heroes” on TV, that would help promote the game as well.

Schools open next week so drivers should obey speed limits, not pass school buses picking up or dropping off kids, and be on the watch for kids walking along roadsides, riding bikes to school and crossing roads to get to the Y, the store, home, etc. Kids sometimes take chances — don’t look both ways while crossing a street or try to “beat” a fast-moving vehicle — so slow down while driving, especially in school zones.