From the Editor

Three things

Posted:  Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 10:30am

It’s Super Bowl week and our beloved (depending on who you talk to) New England Patriots are in it again. For a record 10th time! They’ve won five and lost four — and if it wasn’t for a couple of big plays by the New York Giants — quarterback Tom Brady would already have his sixth, maybe seventh, championship ring.

Could this be the last Super Bowl for Brady, whom I consider the greatest quarterback of all time, as he will be 41 next season? How many more years can the Patriots continue to dominate the AFC, and the NFL as well. It’s been a dynasty like no other in professional football history. My good friend Duey Graham could probably put up a good argument that his father, Otto Graham, was the greatest QB but taking into consideration a lot of factors, such as free agency, travel, the increase in games played, etc. since Otto played, I would fire back at him with many of Brady’s records. His regular season stats alone put him on the Mt. Rushmore of best QBs of all time.

So, in case this is the last hurrah for Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, I plan to soak in the weekend TV coverage and, hopefully, Monday’s coverage of the sixth Lombardi Trophy headed to Foxboro.

* * * * *.

In local sports, congratulations to the Seahawks boys and girls basketball teams for their winning records this year. It has been a pleasure covering the teams and hopefully they will do well in the state tournament. As always, the players represent the region well, with fair play and good sportsmanship, at the tournaments in Augusta. And the Maine Principals Association must like it when hundreds of Seahawks fans turn out to watch their teams.

Speaking of turning out for the games, Boothbay Region TV won’t be able to live stream the tournament games — thank you, Channel 1301 and Station Manager Cody Mitchell for doing that this season — from Augusta due to contractual agreements between the MPA and other TV stations. Cody said Boothbay Region TV has to wait 72 hours before showing the games.

* * * * *

Lastly, I have covered a lot of fires in my 30-plus years at the Register and each time I do, I swell with pride when I see the firefighters hard at work. We can’t thank them enough for their dedication to trying to save lives, homes and businesses. We are lucky to have such dedicated firefighters. And it’s good to see some younger people joining the departments, though I am sure the area chiefs — Dick Spofford, Nick Upham, Roy Potter and Gerry Gamage – would welcome more men and women to join.