From the Assistant Editor

Two goodbyes

Posted:  Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 7:00am

Word that Ben Averill has moved on from his Wiscasset planner job was not a large surprise. Voters may bring back the job sooner or later, or never, and maybes don’t pay the bills.

If Averill had been a lesser professional, maybe he would have had to pound the pavement longer and still been available.

We wish him the best serving Auburn, one of the twins in central Maine’s twin cities.

The other twin, Lewiston, is getting another familiar Wiscasset face, Timmy the girl turtle from Wiscasset Community Center. She is outgrowing the tank and, in the turtle’s best interests, Lisa Thompson made finding the red-eared slider a forever home one of her first acts as Wiscasset Parks and Recreation director. On recommendations from her contacts, she contacted Drew Desjardins of Mr. Drew and His Animals Too. He’s picking Timmy up Aug. 10.

Desjardins told me Monday, Timmy will have a 150-gallon tank and may share it with others of her species. Desjardins gives educational presentations around the state. So Thompson is hopeful Timmy will be back to visit WCC.

When I’ve spent time in the lobby at a laptop or doing an interview, I’ve seen Timmy’s well-wishers of all ages stop by the tank or her cage. Thompson said Timmy, 12, has been at WCC six years and has developed quite a following. So the center is planning an open house-sendoff from 2 to 6 p.m. Aug. 9 with treats and turtle-themed activities — but no treats for Timmy because she has set feedings.

We wish Wiscasset’s turtle friend a long and healthy life.