UPDATED: Maine CDC announces three more COVID-19 deaths, retracts one

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 11:45am

AUGUSTA — The Maine CDC has announced, May 19, an additional three COVID-19 deaths in the state, bringing the state’s COVID-19 death toll to 73.  

The individuals were residents of Cumberland County.

Additionally, the Maine CDC is retracting the passing of a Cumberland County man in his 90s that the Maine CDC has determined had recovered from COVID-19 before passing of unrelated COVID-19 reasons. 

Below is a table of all the COVID-19 cases in Maine resulting in deaths. Some information has not been provided by the Maine CDC. 

Case County Age  Sex
1 Cumberland 80s Male
2 Cumberland 80s Female
3 Cumberland 60s Male
4 Kennebec 80s Female
5 York 80s Female
6 Cumberland 80s Female
7 Cumberland 80s Female
8 Cumberland 70s Male
9 Cumberland 80s Female
10 York 70s Male
11 Cumberland 50s Male
12 Cumberland 80s Female
13 Waldo 80s Female
14 Cumberland 80s Male
15 Waldo 90s Female
16 Cumberland 80s Male
17 Kennebec 80s Female
18 Cumberland 70s Male
19 York 80s Male
20 York 70s Female
21 Cumberland 70s Female
22 Androscoggin 80s Male
23 Cumberland 70s Male
24 Cumberland 70s Male
25 York 70s Male
26 Waldo 70s Female
27 York 80s Female
28 Waldo 70s Female
29 Waldo 80s Female
30 Waldo N/A N/A
31 Kennebec N/A N/A
32 Waldo N/A N/A
33 Cumberland 60s Male
34 Cumberland 80s Male
35 Waldo 70s Female
36 Cumberland 80s Male
37 Waldo 70s Female
38 Cumberland 70s Female
39 Waldo 80s Male
40 Cumberland 50s Male
41 Cumberland 70s Male
42 Cumberland 70s Male
43 Cumberland 90s Male
44 Cumberland 90s Male
45 York 60s Male
46 Kennebec 90s Female
47 Cumberland 70s Male
48 Waldo 80s Female
49 Androscoggin 80s Female
50 Franklin 80s Female
51 Kennebec 70s Male
52 Cumberland 70s Female
53 Cumberland 50s Female
54 Waldo 40s Male
55 Cumberland 80s Female
56 Waldo 80s Female
57 Cumberland 90s Male
58 Kennebec 70s Male
59 Cumberland 70s Male
60 Kennebec 70s Female
61 Cumberland 80s Male
62 York 70s Female
63 Hancock 60s Male
64 Waldo 80s Female
65 Cumberland 70s Male
66 Cumberland 90s Female
67 Penobscot 60s Male
68 Cumberland 90s Female
69 Cumberland 80s Male
70 Cumberland 80s Female
71 Cumberland 90s Female
72 Cumberland 80s Female
73 Cumberland 40s Male