From the assistant editor

A walk on the Wiscasset, and Edgecomb, side

Wed, 09/30/2020 - 8:45am

Did you see a woman in mask and disposable gloves walking Donald E. Davey Bridge about one and half times for an hour-plus starting around 3:45 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26? A lot of vehicles passed me, in my short sleeves that belied what turned out to be a cool, pushy wind, so it’s possible.

The walk in virus-fighting gear was no political statement, just my looking for a story I keep hearing about on local Facebook posts and in at least one email.

You might have seen a man carrying a large American flag across the bridge around that time lately, dog at his side. I agree with the Facebook posts and Cheri Kavanagh’s e-mail: There’s probably a nice story there. And we would like to tell it. I just didn’t find man, dog or anyone else at that time, that day.

I recognized the man in the Facebook photos from when I had the Edgecomb beat. I left a couple phone messages and, on Saturday, did not hear back but did what residents suggested, just be there and I would see the patriotic sight the posts said relate to the man’s friend who died in the line of duty. Due to meetings and more, I can’t keep staking out the bridge. But if I hear back from this man who is making motorists pleased and proud, I would love to take one of those walks across the bridge with him and his dog to share their story.

Week’s positive parting thought: Good thinking and best of luck to American Cancer Society with the Pink Your Ride car parade for breast cancer awareness and fundraising in Damariscotta Oct. 17. This may be a tough time to be raising funds, but we think and hope people will step up as best they can.