Weekly yoga comes to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 1:00pm

At the Gardens, we know through experience what science has confirmed—spending time in nature reduces stress, enhances creativity and improves general health and well-being. Yoga has also been proven to reduce stress, promote relaxation, relieve anxiety and improve one’s quality of life. With that in mind, CMBG introduces weekly yoga at the Gardens this summer.

One of the major tenets of yoga centers on being in the moment, at one with nature. In fact, many of the postures of the yoga practice are named for plants and animals—it only makes sense that, when practiced outdoors, yoga can offer participants another way to connect to nature. CMBG’s weekly classes are open to anyone at any level of experience. If you’re already a yoga aficionado, outdoor classes can offer a different dimension to your regular practice. New to yoga? Embrace the experience and the outdoors while being guided by an experienced instructor.

Teaching this summer at CMBG is Sarah Plummer, a yoga instructor with 27 years of experience and founder of Maine Outdoor Yoga. Each week, she’ll lead participants through a flow yoga class, complete with gentle stretching and guided meditation, in the peaceful Woodland Lawn. Weekly yoga begins July 2 and runs through Sept. 17. Sign up for a full six-week series, or drop in for an individual class; advance registration is available for the six-week series only. Drop-in, single-day registration is always welcome for $20 per class. For more information, visit www.mainegardens.org