From the assistant editor

Welcome snowbirds

Wed, 04/10/2019 - 8:45am

You know who you are.

You love it here, but have the good sense to fly or drive south before the first icy wind foretells the season of the white sky, with its six months of snow and total of four days of sun and blue sky, preferably including Wiscasset Winterfest.

Sure, you miss out on the beautiful sounds of Christmas on the common and the newer tradition of Wiscasset Holiday Marketfest. And you see snowscapes of Maine's Prettiest Village and its waterfront on instead of in person.

But you are not wearing eight layers. Brisk for you is 40 F, not -4 F. That's right, life without the minus sign.

You see, we know who you are, too.

As nights broach freezing and April shows its snowy side, we know you are heading this way with the robin and the tulip. We look forward to them and you. For like them, you add to the brilliance of these towns we call home, or our summer home. Welcome, again, friends.

Week's positive parting thought: Let the countdown to Memorial Day Weekend begin!