WES giving tradition Turkey Trot continues

Thu, 11/17/2022 - 8:45am

    The spirit of giving started early for Wiscasset Elementary School as the staff and students in pre k through grade five participated in this year's Turkey Trot, a longtime holiday tradition. The food goes to Help Yourself Shelf (HYS) at St. Philip’s Church on Hodge Street. Fifth grade teacher Dane Dwyer explained, ”We haven’t done it for the last two years. Last year we (the teachers) brought the food over. Two years ago, we didn’t do it because of all the restrictions. So this is the first year in three years that we’ve resumed with the fifth graders bringing up all the donated items from the school.”

    The students brought in non-perishable food items and the staff contributed bags of potatoes and carrots, all to give to HYS.

    Nov. 15, Partners in Education (PIE) Chair Wendy Tarrance and Co-Chair Lucy Oyster worked in the school lobby to set out the many bagged items. PIE led the food drive, school staff helped and fifth graders carried the bags to the church.

    On the walk, students enjoyed the sunny, brisk weather and the time out of the classroom while each carried two or three bags, and some students commented on the weight of their bags. At the church, they were greeted by Brie DiPerri, a volunteer for the food pantry. The students unpacked the shopping bags onto a table near the front doors, had their picture taken and then lined up for the walk back to school.

    Fifth grader James Kenney said the Turkey Trot goes back many years at the school.

    When asked about HYS, fifth grader Reiley Kleinschmidt said, “Some people that don’t have a lot of things for Thanksgiving like to come and enjoy it because it’s a food drive. People like to take what they need.”