Westport Island passes budget, honors Bodmer

Sat, 06/19/2021 - 4:00pm

    Longtime resident and second selectman Gerald “Jerry” Bodmer was honored at Saturday’s Westport Island town meeting. The town report was dedicated to Bodmer and First Selectman George Richardson gave him the Westport Island Crustaceans Award, a Westport Island hat with a lobster on the front. Bodmer served 12 years on the board and has lived in town 53 years.

    Chris Cooper was elected moderator of the meeting that drew 44 residents to town hall. All 47 warrant articles passed with a total budget of $2,172,168.98.

    Residents approved entering into an agreement with Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department for animal control services, joining 14 other towns who contract with the Special Services Division of the Sheriff’s Department.

    Municipal bills will now be able to be paid through the InforME PayPort Payment Services using a credit card. Multiple towns in the area use the system hosted by the State; E. Davies Allan spoke in favor of the article. He said it would be much more convenient. Joan Bradford of the History Committee thanked selectmen for their support and said it also had raffle tickets available for a quilt. Cooper replied, “I like a little town meeting with a little subterranean gambling going on,” to the laughter of the crowd.

    Voters also approved to add .15 to the distance plowed on Willis Point Road, a town road, because there is a new year-round home after the plowed road end point.

    Fire Chief Stacey Hutchinson said the department hopes to put cisterns around the island to store water. They could hold up to 10,000 gallons whereas a truck typically only holds up to 2,000. Voters authorized the department to investigate the feasibility of installing underground cisterns on town-owned property. Hutchinson also said the department has lost three members in the last year and, like most departments, could use more help.

    Voters approved $24,000 toward their Municipal Landing loan. If kept on this payment schedule, the loan can be retired 10 years early, in 2024. Jeff Tarbox was sworn in as second selectman and Mary Coventry and Richard DeVries as Regional School Unit 12 board members.