From the assistant editor

In like a what? And mascot milestone

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 7:00am

What will later generations say instead of "March comes in like a lion?"

March comes in like a lion, whatever that was.

March comes in like a predatory beast in an online game?

March comes in like a tick? Yes, those don't sound like they're going anywhere.

The March-lion adage held up this month on the Midcoast with new snow and recurring cold. But as we think of the lion when we speak of March's sometimes fierce start, let's remember it and other majestic species are not a given, so long as they are killed for trophies, other ridiculous luxuries or medicinal hocum.

Here's hoping the poaching and other backward thinking becomes a thing of the past.

* * *

The end of Skowhegan's Indian school mascot comes eight years after Wiscasset's mascot changed from the Redskins to the Wolverines. And reports, all Native American-themed Maine school mascots are now gone.

Many in Wiscasset remember the Redskins mascot with pride, and I have never known anyone in town to mean any prejudice by it. But the change here and finally all around Maine is for the better: Once you realize a label dishonors a group, the label needs to go.

Week's positive parting thought: Thanks to all the contractors and public works crews who put in another winter making the roads safe for the rest of us.