Wiscasset grandmother gathers volunteers, interest for potential summer prom

Mon, 05/04/2020 - 8:00am

    In a Facebook announcement and a Wiscasset Newspaper phone interview, Cheryl Kaplan is being clear about the possible prom she is organizing for members of Wiscasset Middle High School’s Class of 2020: It is in no way connected to the school; and her holding it depends on how far state measures about the coronavirus are rolled back this summer.

    She is thinking the event would need to be by the end of July “because kids will start going off to college or the service, or wherever ... All the gardens will be in bloom by then, and the wildflowers. I can gather them and people can donate them,” Kaplan said Saturday. Keeping it simple is her plan, in case the event cannot happen, she added in a text Sunday. “Potluck so no one is ordering a lot of extra food (and the) DJ is volunteer. Currently looking for a photographer. I think we can put together a special event for the kids to remember.”

    Kaplan decided to try for it after seeing how disappointed she said granddaughter Kaydin Nichols and Nichols’ friends were to have no prom due to the COVID-19 measures still in place. And in a phone interview Sunday, Nichols, who lives with her grandmother, said she is very excited there could be one yet. “It’ll be different from all of our other proms (as underclassmen) and it will be a lot of fun, and I’m very thankful that she’s doing this for us.”

    Kaplan’s Facebook post notes the event would be for senior class members attending as singles or with their dates. The post reads in part, “Attention Wiscasset Middle High School Class of 2020 or parents, guardians etc. ... We will need some chaperones ... These kids have missed so much of their senior experiences. Let’s give this class a proper sendoff to the big world ... This event is not associated with Wiscasset Middle High School. This will be a private event put together by residents and the seniors of the Class of 2020.”

    The April 29 post drew praise and offers to volunteer. Kaplan, a real estate agent, is pleased. She said people have been very supportive, and the former Ledges Inn on Main Street has generously offered to donate the event space.

    Nichols is also thankful for the community’s response. “It’s amazing. I didn’t think people would reach out this much and offer things like a DJ ... I didn’t realize how much people cared about the senior class and cared that this happen.” And if it doesn’t happen, depending on where Maine is at with the precautions then, she will understand, she said. 

    “I’ll know there’s a reason behind it,” Nichols added. 

    Reach Kaplan at 837-8103.