Wiscasset residents out of work, handle pandemic

Fri, 04/10/2020 - 7:00am

    Wiscasset resident and college student Gabby Chapman is one of many out of work due to the pandemic. “Prior to the chaos, I was working at Portland Pie Company in Brunswick as a server. After being laid off due to the pandemic, I filed for unemployment. While it doesn’t bring in nearly as much income, every little bit helps. I encourage everyone that is able to file for unemployment do so because it’s money that your employer and you have accounted for in the past and it’s deserved money. Given the circumstances, any amount of money is appreciated!”

    Matthew Craig works at Water Street Kitchen & Bar in Wiscasset. “I do not have the same amount of work as usual, but I am thankful that I still have it. Many of our wait staff have been cut back, and we have cut back the work force to just me and two others. Our mission is to pool together tips to divvy up ... I’d love to see my team back in the kitchen with me, once this is over.”

    Desiree Bailey owns Possibilities Salon. She decided to close her business on March 15, the day Gov. Janet Mills suggested social distancing. Closing her business has put Bailey out of work, as her business includes many face to face interactions. “I am sad for my clients that have to wait, but I am extremely grateful for those who have been so supportive in my decision. Unfortunately this means my salon will be closed for almost two months and not only is this a massive loss of income for me, but I’m sure most, if not all, of my clients are feeling financial frustrations as well.”

    To try to make up for the financial loss, Bailey is offering a discounted gift certificate for a salon service. “I am hoping this will not just help myself but it also helps my clients while they get back on track as well. Meanwhile if I can help anyone in these unforeseen circumstances with ideas, tips and tricks for at home hair questions or concerns, please reach out” at possibilitiessalon147@gmail.com or call (207)687-9023, Bailey said.