From the Assistant Editor

Up to you, if you choose

Posted:  Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 7:45am

How about that election on Tuesday? Wiscasset has its choice of five selectmen’s candidates for two seats, and two for one school committee seat. We wish them all good luck and we hope, as we always do, for a strong turnout.

Thank you, candidates, for running — being willing to serve; gathering the signatures, turning them in; and taking reporters’ questions and letting us take your picture; and a special thanks to the selectmen’s candidates who stepped up when we asked to put on a selectmen’s candidates night. They all took part, and we were better informed for it.

Thanks, as well, to the Wiscasset School Department for providing the space. It felt good to be a part of this community process, this election; and we’d like to do it again, particularly when there’s another large field of candidates like this year’s.

Also, Wiscasset, on Tuesday you weigh in again on the downtown project and decide on millions of dollars in town and school spending. Lots of choices – lots of reasons to stop by Wiscasset Community Center and exercise your right to vote.

Hope you will, or you already did as an absentee. These money and other items will be decided with or without you. Which will it be?

As always on election night, visit or our Facebook page for results. We’ll also have them in our Morning Catch email.