The first lobster

Sun, 08/13/2023 - 11:15am

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Finally! Bright sunshine, 80 degrees and lobsters!. A couple of soft shells, fries and root beer from Sprague’s. Can it get better?

It was already pretty good at Back River Bistro, too. On Rte. 218, next to the Quik Stop, it’s a sophisticated and stylish dinner spot. It’s also bigger! The new owners have added tables out front and out back. While we were eating, about two dozen people walked through to a back room and soon were singing Happy Birthday.

For dinner, I had a tasty, hearty Pork Ragu. Donna had the cod, which came with four overly-doughy dumplings. I would order my dish again, Donna will take another look at the menu.

The Bistro is also having staffing issues which explains why some days it hasn’t been open. Call (207) 687-8244

The town’s Recreation Department has painted new lines on what were tennis courts at the high school.. Now there are six pickle ball courts - no waiting.

We are still waiting, however, for the Wawanock building on Route 1 to be repaired. two years after its facade fell down. The Town Manager told the Wiscasset Newspaper, “We’re all sick of the excuses.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there are many people are sick of it. too. Look around downtown. There are easily half a dozen new retail businesses which have opened recently. There could have been more, and bigger, too. Retail survives on foot traffic. Give people a reason to come downtown. such as a pharmacy, a book store, vintage clothing, Our “Main Street” is gasping for attention. Having three or four storefronts, unoccupied and vacant, for two years is outrageous. In response to a “stern”letter from the Town Manager to the building’s owner says the repairs will be complete by fall.

Which, is, what I believe they said last summer.