Happy Birthday USA

Tue, 07/06/2021 - 4:45pm

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    Frank Barnako is a seasonal resident of Wiscasset at Clarks Point on the Sheepscot River.   His career in journalism included on air and news director positions with CBS and NBC Radio and TV stations.  He was a pioneer in the Internet, helping to create and co-found MarketWatch.com where he also developed a 200-station radio network and wrote daily columns focused on the stock market, business news, and technology. Barnako describes himself as “an aspiring photographer,” whose work can be seen at frankbarnako.com<http://frankbarnako.com>. He is a member of the town’s Investment Advisory Committee. Email him at wiscasset@barnako.com.

Vintage cars, flatbed trucks, fire engines, and horses were highlights of Wiscasset’s first Fourth of July parade in two years.  Like everything else in “2020”, that parade just didn’t happen.  This year’s marchers showed plenty of patriotic spirit.  

I parked at the elementary school and walked toward Route 1 where I met a young couple. We talked and I asked if they were full time residents.  No, they said -- in  fact they moved to Wiscasset just two days ago.  They bought the Octagon House at 63 Federal Street, built in 1855, by captain George Scott.  The new owners - I think his name is Darren, and I’ve not a clue as to her name.  My bad!  They moved from Boulder, Colo., looking for the kind of small town vibe and ease that you find here walking down the street any day, even  on the morning of July 4th.  

It seemed there were fewer children at the parade this year, perhaps because even 20 minutes before the parade began it had been drizzling.  I also didn't't see Big Al in the parade driving his big Cadillac convertible with the top down. Probably wary of the rain.

I'm happy to report that there are lots of lobster traps in our ‘front yard’ on the Sheepscot River.  The fishermen started dropping their traps a few days ago.  This weekend we’re planning on a lobster bake with visiting friends.  They are, like Donna, artists and they’re taking classes at Pemaquid Point with Skip Lawrence. Pemaquid is best known for its lighthouse, but vacationers (and artists) alo know it for the island supermarket, CE Reilly.  It's a high-end store, basics and luxuries.  To some people, the store employees sound like they are speaking with a Russian accent. Who’d expect that at Pemaquid point?

Now that we are past the 4th, I’m  hoping the worst of the tick season has also passed.  So far, so good.  It’s been a few days since I’ve  felt one crawling up my arm.  

I was able to pull Donna away from the kitchen for  dinner out.  We went to the Damariscotta River Grill.  The owners, Tim and Tamara, bought the place about three years ago.  It was already wonderful, thanks to the longtime resident owners. Now,  with new people, it’s great.  

The week ahead promises more visitors, warmer weather, lobsters, and beer.