‘Virtual High School’ class, real scholarship for Wiscasset student

WMHS’s Deb Pooler, VHS help Corey Campbell keep up classes post-surgery
Tue, 06/12/2018 - 10:00am

When answering to the question, “How did your VHS teacher or site coordinator impact your online learning experience,” Wiscasset Middle High School senior Corey Campbell responded so well, she landed a $1,000 scholarship.

The competition was open to high school seniors who had taken a VHS, or Virtual High School, class. VHS allows students to broaden their curriculum by taking courses online that are not offered at their high school. It can add to their course load and help them learn important time management skills and self-discipline.

Campbell took advantage of this and enrolled in creative writing, poetry writing, and “101 Ways to Write a Short Story.” Having such a positive experience with her site coordinator, Deb Pooler, it only made sense for her to apply for the scholarship. About Pooler, Campbell stated, “She introduced me to VHS in the first place and I was able to find new courses to take in creative writing, which ultimately helped me to discover my passion for the subject.”

If it were not for Pooler, she may not have known about this opportunity. 

At the beginning of senior year, Campbell underwent open heart surgery, yet was able to maintain all of her school work on VHS. For her entry, Campbell composed a song about Pooler as her VHS site coordinator and the many ways she helped her through her surgery and VHS course.

When Campbell won, the organization told her it “loved listening to your personal statement and your song about your SC, Mrs. Pooler. It is obvious that she has done a wonderful job guiding students from your school towards a meaningful learning experience! You are to be commended for your personal strength as well.”

Pooler said in a phone interview, “I was so happy when I found out that Corey won, and was so humbled by her song! Corey did such an amazing job with her surgery and her senior year!”

Campbell went against 23 other applicants for this scholarship. To view her video, visit “The Virtual High School 2018 Scholarship Program” at http://vhslearning.org/2018-virtual-high-school-scholarship-winners