Miss Wiscasset Diner co-owner Kelley Coady of Boothbay Harbor on closure, customers’ understanding

Couple has no plans to re-open Route 1, Wiscasset restaurant
Tue, 08/06/2019 - 7:45pm

    The decision to close Miss Wiscasset Diner less than two weeks ago came down to not having enough help, co-owner Kelley Coady of Boothbay Harbor said Tuesday.

    She said after two workers left, she and husband and co-owner Mark Suarez tried having fewer tables so they wouldn’t be trying to serve more people than they could at once; and a number of people helped with the work during the staff shortage.

    “But it was just a matter of not being able to serve the customers the way we were used to serving them ... It was a quick decision, but one that became necessary,” Coady explained about closing.  

    She said the business’s last few weeks were “stressful,” but she misses the people. Asked if she and Suarez might re-open the diner, she said: “I don’t think so, at this point. I don’t think that it’s going to be an option.”

    The longtime Washburn & Doughty employee said her husband has been dealing with the diner since it closed last month while it was still fully stocked. And he would like to sell the equipment, she said.

    The couple made friendships there, Coady said. “I would just really like to thank everybody for all the support they gave us for five years.”

    That didn’t end when their restaurant did. People have been expressing support, Coady said. “Absolutely ... and that means a lot. They’re very understanding.”